The Hundred Kingdoms is a far and dangerous place.

Once, in the Age of Dreams, the Aldori reigned and Cymri sages learned at their feet. With the passing of that great civilization, common men inherited an era of peace and knowledge.

Then came the Shipmen, fleeing the Great Empire, bringing steel and fire. They were defeated by the Cymri and the last of the Aldori servants at the Battle of Sorrows. But the strength of those people was spent in the effort: within a handful of decades, the realms of the Cymri had been swept away.

The Hundred Kingdoms is a depopulated realm. Few holdings are still occupied; the rest are deserted ruins, the reminders of a brighter time. Now they lurk as the haunt of memories, robbers and worse.

In the safeholds, other conflicts dominate.

Against this backdrop our adventure is written.


News in the Hundred Kingdoms

Late Spring 798 – Mosstone becomes a dangerous province with raiders, supposedly supported by the Margrave of Mosstone taking several merchant groups. (The Nephews journey to discover the fate of the lost Earl of Wayland. House Balonstead venture into Mosstone to uncover the mystery behind rampant brigandage.)
Mid Spring, 798Balesir, third prince of Ironwall overthrows his father, King Pellas and is crowned Balesir I. Word comes of impending nuptuals between Eddin Manning of Wayland and Sylvie Marlowe of Shieldhaven. (The Nephews recover the Sigil of Kaldor for Lady Moraine Elorien of Archendale. House Balonstead flee the River Kingdom and come to the hall of Lord Bard)
Early Spring 798 – Word comes to Hartwood of the apparent madness of Earl’s eldest daughter Mirabel in Wayland.(The Nephews are dispatched to Wayland)

Flame of the Ancients

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