Flame of the Ancients

CS11 - At the Old Wode Inn

The men stay at the Inn overnight, Drake and Darwish in the common area and Rhun in a room upstairs. In the morning Drake takes Sigrid the Innkeeper aside and encourages her to tell him what she knows of the men attacking the road. She is afraid to speak, hinting that there would be reprisals against her and her staff if the bandits found out she said anything. Darwish tries to question a traveling merchant, who had said a companion of his was days late arriving at the Inn, but the man was also unwilling to talk.

They decide that the snitch for Margil’s men must be at the Inn, possibly one of the staff. At one point a man named Oris approaches Darwish regarding the disappearance of his brother Tanen and says he believes the carter at the Inn may be the one, as he was spotted sneaking away from the Inn in the middle of the night. Darwish, Rhun, and Drake stay at the Inn all day, milling about the common and the yard watching and listening for clues.

They observe the carter asking a lot of questions of the merchants about their travel plans, and suggesting to one that he stay at a good spot “in the shadow of Targen’s Folly”. After the carter leaves off work for the day, Darwish sees him duck behind the stable. Darwish and Drake discover that he has slipped away through a hidden breach in the palisade behind the stable. They track him west from the Inn to a wooded area when they hear the sound of conversation and smell a fire.

As they approach the encampment, Drake accidentally breaks a twig underfoot that makes enough sound to alert the men and all goes silent. A warning shot of a black-and-white fletched arrow whistles past Drake, who remains hidden. The people around the fire disappear into the woods, using thrush calls to signal each other. Drake and Darwish investigate the camp and discover the dead body of the carter, stabbed through the throat and face down in the dirt. They find clutched in his hand a distinctive wooden cloak clasp and a bit of torn cloth.

They find a track and follow the men back towards the road, but it grows too dark to continue. They decide to return to the Inn and resume the chase in the morning.

They come back to the Inn and sit with Rhun sipping their drinks, their mood darkened at the memory of the brutal murder of the young carter. Darwish takes up his flute on the stage, playing songs to lift his spirits and to lighten the room.

A group of five rough men enter the Inn and take up positions at different tables. Drake notices that one of them has his cloak tied on with a bit of rope, the clasp that used to hold it having been torn away. One of the rough men approaches Sigrid and pulls her into the kitchen to talk privately. She emerges a few minutes later, scared and apparently having been slapped. For an instant her eyes move to Drake, and he knows that she has told this man of their conversation earlier in the day.

One of the bandits sits across from Drake and Rhun at their table, and wants to know why they were asking about them. He says that Sigrid in now upstairs with one of them, and hints that she may be harmed. Drake refuses to speak with the man, who motions for one of his companions to go upstairs. Drake bolts for the stairs to block the man who was sent up. He knocks the man aside and leaps to the landing. The man draws his sword, as does Drake, and the fight is on.

Rhun, armed with nothing but a dagger, breaks a barstool across the back of one of the men and then pulls his knife and enters the fight. He is quickly beset by two men and is injured but stabs one of the bandits under the ribs. Darwish, who had been playing his flute and aware of what was happening on the other side of the room, sees the fight and drops his instrument to enter the fray. He tackles one of the men to the ground. Drake dispatches the man near the stairs, and then rushes to Rhun’s aid, finishing off the man that Rhun had injured.

Players: Darwish (Dave), Drake (Kevin), GM (Craig)



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