Darwish Waters

Openly friendly on the surface, But underneath he is thinking "are you friend, foe, or a tool?"

Ability Value Specialties Exp Ability Value Specialties Exp
Agility 3 Knowledge 3 Streetwise 1 1/1
Animal Handling 2 Ride 1 0/0 Marksman 3 Thrown 1 1/1
Athletics 3 0/1 Persuasion 4 Charm 1, Convince 1, Bargain 1 0/0
Awareness 4 Notice 1 1/0 Status 3
Cunning 3 1/1 Stealth 3 Sneak 1, Blend 1 1/0
Deception 3 Survival 2
Endurance 3 Stamina 1 1/0 Thievery 3
Fight 3 Bludgeons 1 0/0 Warfare 2
Healing 3 1/0 Will 3 0/1
Combat Defense 3 Health 5
Intrigue Defense 3 Composure 5
Destiny 1

Language (Cymri) 1
Language (Kingspeech) 2 (literate)
Language (Masite) 1

Mummer Character is a capable entertainer
Adept Negotiator
Charismatic(Convince) +1 to result for Persuade(Convince)
Sponsor Uncle Bardinger (powerful patron)
Hunting Bow, Dagger, Warhammer
Soft Leather (Armor)
Traveler garb, Courtier garb
Travel satchel, water-skin,
Rouncey (and gear)

Goal: Security
Motivation: Duty
Virtues: Devoted
Vice: Foolish

Darwish was born in 695 to a noble daughter of a great lord of Elorinar.

His first memories are of a wealthy home and many family members, some kinder than others. All of this changed during a single night of confusion: memories of a painful grip, his mother crying and harsh words being exchanged, followed by a ride through darkness and the pungent smell of the city that would become his home.

That city was Fairhaven, on the eastern shores of Harn in the kingdom of Elorinar. When he awoke after the confusing journey, he was in the presence of Kehldorn a brutal master. He was put to work in the forges, running coal and stoking fires, cleaning the slag pit and fetching for his betters. This was his life for a handful of years, each day meaner than the last. At length, he ran away and fell in with a number of other children living the lives of urchins on the street.

Early in the winter of 786, his hand found its way around the purse of a traveler. Normally he would never have attempted such a theft but cold and hunger had driven him to it. As he made to flee, a firm hand seized him by the arm. Instead of anger, he was greeted by a rich laugh and the firm stare of the man who would become as a father to him. The traveler was none other than Earl Jervasa of Bowerstone, who asked the young Darwish what he should do with him. Swallowing his fear and prompted by his empty stomach, Darwish suggested feeding him.

His life was forever changed. The Lord gave Darwish a silver shilling and told him if he wished to change his fate, find the ship Tiderunner before dusk the next day. Two nights later, he stood at the prow of a trading ship scrubbed raw with lye soap and clothed in rough woollens, free of his destiny.

Eleven years at Bowerstone passed in rapid succession. The childless Earl gifted Darwish and other orphan boys with training and experience. In time, Darwish came to serve the Earl in many matters requiring discretion and courage, earning himself a permanent place in the household.

Trait Values Trait Values
Chaste/Lustful 3/2 Energetic/Lazy 4/1
Forgiving/Vengeful 2/3 Generous/Selfish 3/2
Honest/Deceitful 2/3 Just/Arbitrary 3/2
Merciful/Cruel 4/1 Modest/Proud 2/3
Pious/Worldly 2/3 Prudent/Reckless 2/3
Temperate/Indulgent 2/3 Trusting/Suspicious 2/3
Valorous/Cowardly 3/2
Loyalty (Earl Caldeth) 4
Loyalty (House Tern) 4
Hospitality 4
Honor 4

Darwish Waters

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