Drake Forester

Stealthy hunter, tracker, and survivalist.


Beliefs, Instincts, Traits


  • The Sigil of Kaldor is being pursued by a power that may harm my house and my family; I will capture Margil the Ranger to discover who ordered the attack on Archendale, and this will lead me to who is after the Sigil.
  • I will not take a life unless I am directly threatened; I know the pain of losing a father and would not inflict this on an innocent family frivolously.
  • Fate has blessed me with another family, and I will do whatever it takes to protect it from harm.


  • Always check the trail for signs and tracks
  • Always care for your mount
  • When danger appears, ready your weapon



Ability Value Specialties Exp Ability Value Specialties Exp
Agility 3 Knowledge 3 Streetwise 1 1/0
Animal Handling 3 0/1 Marksman 4 Bows 1 0/1
Athletics 3 Climb 1 Persuasion 3 2/2
Awareness 3 Notice 1 2/3 Status 3
Cunning 2 Stealth 3 Sneak 1 1/0
Deception 3 1/1 Survival 4 Track 1 0/1
Endurance 3 0/1 Thievery 3 Locks 1
Fight 3 Longblade 1 1/1 Warfare 2
Healing 2 Will 3

Valor / Wisdom = 1 exp
Hope : 8

Combat Defense 3 Health 5
Intrigue Defense 3 Composure 5
Destiny 1 Move 4
2 Language: Kingspeech (literate)
1 Language: Cymri
1 Language: Masite (literate)


Goal: Justice
Motivation: Duty
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Licentious


  • Attractive
  • Dexterous
  • Sponsor (free)
  • Hardy (free Ivinian quality) – ignore injury and wounds

Money & Equipment

Gold talent 0
Silver florin 9
Bronze penny 7
  • Short sword (Athletics damage)
  • War Bow (Agility + 1 Damage)
  • Quiver of arrows: 11 arrows
  • Dagger
  • Soft leather armor DR 1
  • Traveler’s garb (x2)
  • Rope and hook
  • Trap-making tools
  • Flint and steel
  • Thieves keys
  • Satchel
  • Water skin
  • Saddle horse w/ bit, bridle, saddle (broken to battle)

Drake’s father was an Rjurik/Athairi mercenary in the long-time service of the Earl of Bowerstone. Drake was born in Bowerstone, and has little memory of his mother who died when he was quite young.

Drake’s father loved the forests and mountains, and would take his son out on long treks through wild country, teaching him how to track and stalk game, use a bow, and live off the land.

When his father was off fighting, Drake would stay in the city with the family of a close friend. His restlessness and love of the hunt meant he never tired of sneaking about town, getting himself into and out of trouble constantly. It was thus he became as comfortable in the dark streets of the city as out in the dark forests.

When news arrived that Drake’s father had been killed, he was summoned before the Earl – who had himself recently lost his sons to The Death. Discovering that Drake had no living relatives in the region, and being moved also by the boy’s spirit and courage, he adopted him on the spot.

The Earl eventually adopted a total of three sons, and raised them with the diligence and care he would have given his own blood. The three boys became fast friends, and eventually true brothers in spirit.

Drake is by far the most attractive of the three brothers, and certainly the most successful with the ladies who prefer his rugged good looks to the pasty complexion of the other two.

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Trait Values Trait Values
Chaste/Lustful 2/3 Energetic/Lazy 4/1
Forgiving/Vengeful 3/2 Generous/Selfish 4/1
Honest/Deceitful 3/2 Just/Arbitrary 4/1
Merciful/Cruel 3/2 Modest/Proud 3/2
Pious/Worldly 1/4 Prudent/Reckless 3/2
Temperate/Indulgent 3/2 Trusting/Suspicious 3/2
Valorous/Cowardly 4/1
Loyalty (Earl Caldeth) 4
Loyalty (House Tern) 4
Hospitality 4
Honor 4

Drake Forester

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