Kern's bag o' relics

Weathered leather bag full of relics from fallen comrades


The worn leather satchel contains personal items of men in Kern’s squad. The squad was almost totally wiped out after a double cross during an operation at the Iron Pass. They were chased for days, from the Pass down through the deep forest on the other side, and eventually hunted down and killed. Only Kern and one other man survived, though they had become separated in the end and both assumed the other was killed.

The men in the squad were part of a Harnic cohort, and came from every corner of the Island. They each swore an oath to get message back to the families of the slain, letting them know what had happened and returning items of personal meaning.

  • Ornate pommel and grip, to be returned to a father; unrecognizable writing or symbols on the hilt;
  • Iron key with vague description of the location of a lockbox to be found and given to a man’s sister
  • Ring of prayer beads for a mother
  • Small golden heart, to be returned to a man’s betrothed (according to his description of her, a famous local beauty)
  • Black stone figurine representing a domestic god, used as a lucky charm (not too successfully, I guess); return to family
  • Leather pouch containing a pair of dice to be returned to a brother who is an Innkeeper

Kern's bag o' relics

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