Core Mechanics (House Rule)

Dice Mechanics (and conversions)

Lifted liberally from Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Shadows of Yesterday and FATE

Native Song of Ice and Fire uses d6 for rolling: our Fudgified version uses dF.

1. For abilities the conversion is directly into a Fudge stat.
Example: Brion has a Fighting of 3 in SoIF. Normally he would roll 3d6. Fudgified, he would roll the default 4dF and apply the results against his skill of 3.

2. Bonus dice function identically to SoIF; they add a bonus dice allowing the removal of the lowest rolling die.
Example: Brion has a Fighting of 3 in SoIF and a bonus in Large Blade of 1B. He would roll 5dF (default 4dF +1 bonus die) and discard the die of his choice (by default, the worst).

3. Penalty dice function identically to SoIF; they add an extra die and prompt the removal of the best rolling die.
Example: Brion has an Agility of 3 in SoIF. He is attempting to run across a slippery roof accruing a -1P dice. He would roll 5dF (default 4dF +1 penalty die) and discard the best die.

4. Penalty and bonus dice cancel each other out.
Example: Brion is fighting with his sword on a slippery roof. His fighting skill is 3. He has a specialty of 1B in Long Blades, but fighting on the roof accrues a penalty of 1P. The 1B and the 1P cancel each other out, and he rolls the default 4dF.

5. Weapon damage is not multiplied by the degrees of success, but instead stands as an individual roll against a resistance of any armor the target bears.
Example: Brion hits opponent with his sword, beating his target’s defense. His sword does Athletics +1 (so in this example, 4). Brion rolls damage, managing a +, +, – and 0 for a total of +1, modifying his roll to 5. This is compared to his target’s Armor Rating (AR) of 2 for a total of 3 health damage.

6. Modifiers from the core book translate into +1B for every +2 and +1 for every +3.
Example: Brion is attempting to track. The default difficulty on tracking is 9. Converted this is a TN of 3 in Fudge. In addition he is tracking across loose rocks, branches and debris, normally affording a +2 to a SoIF roll. In the Fudgified system, this would allow a +1B to his normal tracking roll. Simlarly, a penalty could be accrued: a -2 because of light rain would equate to a -1P to the roll.

7. Benefits which allow the rerolling of all 1s, allow instead the re-rolling of a single (-) die.
Example: Brion is Attractive, allowing the rerolling of all 1s in SoIF. In Fudgified SoIF, it allows the rerolling of one (1) traitor (-).
* Note: currently trying to decide if the skill would allow the rerolling of 2 traitors if 3 or more (-) were rolled.

8. Benefits which allow the addition of skills to other skills allows +1 if the skill is up to 3 or +2 if the skill is over 4.
Example: Brion has Treacherous and is using Deception during intrigue. Under SoIF his 2 cunning would add +2 to the result of his Deception roll. Under Fudgified SoIF, it would add a flat +1. Should he ever raise his Cunning to 4, it would add +2.
* Note: currently trying to decide if the actual bonus will be converted according to rule 6. In the above example, Brion’s Cunning of 2 would offer a +1B, a 3 would offer +1, 4 a +2B and 5 +1 and a +1B.

9. Degrees of Success are generated by generating effort which surpasses difficulty by two (2). Every increment generates an extra degree of success.
Example: Drake is tracking a group of Pictish raiders who are attempting to flee civilized lands following their plunder. As the group is large and moving fast, the difficulty on Drake’s Survival/Track roll is only moderate (2). Drake generates a total effort of 7! This is success plus two (2) extra degrees. (Basic success for rolling 2+, an extra degree for rolling 4+ ((Basic success of 2) plus 2 (for an extra degree)) and another degree for 6+. With two extra degrees of success, the GM negotiates with Drake’s player for results. One degree buys more information about the party itself (exactly six members, one is wounded, all are heavily laden) and the second buys an advantage in future rolls (one of the members of the party has a distinctive boot mark (+1B to future Survival/Track rolls vs. this group).


Core Mechanics (House Rule)

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