Of Crowns and Shadows

Wherein we follow the travels of three, er… two sons of Bowerstone, brought by Lord Bardinger to the Northern Wilds of the Hundred Kingdoms.

Characters – The “Nephews” of Bardinger

Darwish Waters
Drake Forester
Rhun Ward (Companion)

Characters – The Daughter of Earl Emeric



Prologue – Of Beginnings

Session 1 – The Message to Wayland Session 11 – At the Old Wode Inn
Session 2 – Of Priors and Barons Daughters
Session 3 – Of Relics of Olde
Session 4 – Through the Barrow Vale
Session 5 – The Bloody Road
Session 6 – (Lost to History)
Session 7 – (Lost to History)
Session 8 – A Brief Respite
Session 9 – Sirendel
Session 10 – That Bloody Horse


Darwish’s Journal

Quests and Deeds

In Progress

Dramatis Personae

Carrad Lady Morain Lord Bard
Minor Characters

Of Crowns and Shadows

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