The Celestial Court

Utha, The Sky-Father

Lord of the Heavens and defender of the weak, Utha is represented by the sun. His is a positive influence on the world: warm and growing, powerful in mercy and justice. His worship is generally channeled by three Avatars: Haelyn, Lord of Paladins; Avani, the Lady of Mercy and Brathas, the Judge who respectively represent the Brotherhoods of the Sword, the Cup and the Book.

Haelynites, the Church Militant, Brothers of the Sword, the Red Order
Symbol: the rose sword.
Templers and Paladins of Utha, and followers of the teachings of Haelyn, Defender of the Faith.

Avanians, the Healers, Brothers of the Cup, the Grey Order
Symbol: the cup.
Healers and herbalists followers of the teachings of the Lady Avani, first healer and patroness of hearth and home.

Brathites, the Judges of Utha, Brothers of the Book (of Wisdom), the White Order.
Symbol: the book.
Scholars and theologians of Utha, the smallest of the orders. Lord of contracts and patron of law, the inquisitors of the Temple.

Idra and Isher, the The Twins

Twins of the Heavens, and represented by the two moons. Isher and Idra could not be more different: he the scholar and her the dancer. Their influence is neutral in essence causing their followers to be somewhat suspect in most areas.

Isherites, the Lorekeepers, Brothers of the Lamp
Symbol: the Lamp of Heaven
Scholars and arcanists, their order is both arcane and yet commonplace (as the Lorekeepers are trained in common arts and dispatched into the world).

Idrans, the Dancers, the Consorts of Idra
Symbol: the Mask
Courtesans and purveyors of pleasure, patrons of mercantile endeavors and civilizations.

Naar, the Dark Mistress

The fallen wife of Utha, seduced by the Dark. Her influence is distinct and distasteful to all who bear good in their hearts. She is represented by three Avatars: Azrai, Wielder of the Shadow, Korthos, Father of Merciless Slaughter and Ahriman, the Dark Brother.
Little is know of their orders beyond her avatars.



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